3 Three-Ingredient Crowd-Pleasing Foods (You Can Still Make in Time for Thanksgiving!)

Hosting a crowd for Thanksgiving and need something besides the usual fare to keep them fed and happy? Need it to be quick and easy? Good news! I have three tried and true, delicious three-ingredient dishes that will put a smile on everyone's faces.

1. Baked Brie

  • Brie Round

  • Can of Crescent Rolls

  • Your Favorite Jam (apricot and strawberry work great or try cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving)

Put down a square of crescent rolls, center brie over the rolls and spread jam over brie, cover brie entirely with the crescent roll dough. If you’re feeling fancy, give it an eggwash. Bake using the crescent roll directions or until golden brown. Serve with crackers or apple slices.

2. BBQ Meatballs

  • Frozen Meatballs

  • Jar of Apricot Jam (grape jelly works too!)

  • Bottle of Your Favorite Barbecue Sauce

Place meatballs in a crockpot with jam and barbeque sauce. Stir until thoroughly mixed. Can be cooked on high or low depending on how fast you need them ready. Enjoy!

3. Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple

  • Can of Pineapple Chunks

  • Package of Bacon (Thinner bacon works best)

  • Brown Sugar

Cut strips of bacon in half and dredge them through brown sugar. Wrap a bacon slice around each pineapple chunk. Place pineapple bites on a baking rack on top of a foil-lined cookie sheet. This is very important because: 1) They’re messy and 2) They need the air circulation to get nice and crispy. Cook at 400 for 20 minutes, then broil for the last minute or two, but keep an eye on them.

They will be hot!!! Let them cool for a minute or two before eating them.

These dishes will please even the pickiest palate without you having to break a sweat!

What are your go-to easy dishes when feeding a large group? Let me know in the comments!

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